About us
Solutions and Service with a Smile


In the vast world of PC's, a business owner looking for new equipment can get lost  in a maze. Individuals can be equally confused as they face over-choice. DIT Computers to the rescue.


If you have been looking for not only a solution, but answer to your particular questions about compatibility, longevity, performance, environment, and pricing, then indeed DIT Computers must be your primary resource.


Please call us  -- last. You will have a greater appreciation for the service, timeliness and capabilities we offer. Or, save yourself valuable time and call us first.


Attention to customers, attention to details and attention to our employees translates into success in any business. This is especially true for DIT Computers since its inception as conceived by Founder and Chairman, Dyon Tang. Mr. Tang started DIT not quite in the proverbial "garage", but close. His work with assembling configured-to-order systems began in his home laundry room atop the washer and dryer - almost 20 years ago. Obviously, the environment was clean and has remained so to his day even though they have moved to larger retail and warehouse quarters.


Today, DIT employs a large staff of computer experts in several branch and warehouse locations to service the thousands of people and companies who had a dilemma and walked out or hung up after becoming DIT customers with their problem solved. Indeed, DIT has serviced thousands of customer to this day and continues to do so with the same philosophy as Day One.


In 1998, 1999 DIT Inc. was voted the sixth fastest growing company in Omaha. In 1999, DIT was selected by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce and presented with "The Omaha 25" Small Business Award. In addition to experiencing rapid growth and strong sales, Mr. Tang has always given back to the communities which fosters his business. He has made generous donations of much needed equipment to schools and universities.


Towards this end, the Mission of DIT is to be the most successful computer company in the markets in which they compete, delivering the best customer experience while fulfilling the needs of his customers. In doing so, the customer can expect:

  • * Highest Quality
  • * Leading Technology
  • * Competitive Pricing
  • * Individual and Company Accountability
  • * Best-in Class Service and Support
  • * Flexible Customization Policy
  • * Financial Stability
  • * Fulfilled Warranties